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Monday, February 19, 2007

God is an Electrician?

I always thought he was a carpenter!

My dad was working with a friend of his, trying to get the emergency
generator hooked up.  They thought they were done, but the generator
just wouldn't start up for some reason.

My dad's friend, who happens to be a born-again christian, thought to
look for a loose wire among a few dozen.  In a very short moment he
had found the wire and secured it.

While recounting this story later, my dad commended his friend for his
electrical skills, but he responded, "It wasn't me, it was god." I
don't think he was joking.

It is obvious that the reason he could find this loose wire is because
he is an experienced and observant electrician.

I don't like how many people attribute accomplishments to god because
it diminishes the greatness of some of the best advances humans have

This, of course, is a trivial example, but it is good enough here to
make a point.


Blogger Julienne said...

have you ever read the fountainhead by ayn rand? in it, the main character plans to make a church or temple dedicated to the human spirit, not god.

12:06 PM


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