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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


This is the logo for the site I found it on Meier's blog (I think). The website has almost zero content to speak of, but I think the logo is cool. I made it my desktop background, and a couple of my roommates have asked about it, and this has made me think a little more about its meaning.


Mark asked, "So is Christianity a step up?"

"No," I answered, "it is just a step forward in time."

Later, Dan asked, "We go right to chimp?"



So, I would say that the step to chimp is not a physical evolution (duh) but a mental evolution. I can totally understand this when I think of the fundamentalists who take every word in the Bible literally; they are definitely dumber than the rest of us. By turning to Christianity in this way, people are adopting a much more primitive way of thinking, and are therefore mentally devolving in the direction of, although probably not to the destination of, chimpanzees.


Blogger Simon said...

Why should Christians be allowed to deny science while still having the benefit of it? This creationism and ID crap is undermining real science.

Any Christian who denies evolution should be banned from buying a car, a TV, or going to hospital etc.

I think they might change their minds pretty quick.

2:00 AM


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