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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Raising Kids

They other night I was speaking with some friends, Jews and Catholics, about how we would raise our kids religiously. The Jewish girls said that if they married Christians, that they would allow the kids to celebrate Christmas, Easter, etc., with their husbands and their families, but would insist that the kids be raised Jewish, and go to Jewish school and all that jazz. They said it was important to raise them Jewish because their aren't that many Jews, and they want to preserve the culture. This makes sense.

They asked me what religion Bri is and how we planned on raising our kids. Bri is Episcopalian, and although she is not very religious, she did go to church growing up and still goes on holidays. I have always thought that when we had kids I would be cool with Bri taking the kids to church, as long as I could explain to them why I don't go to church with them.

Now I am thinking that it would be even better to teach the kids about all kinds of religions. There are some really great ideas to be taken from different religions, so it would be stupid to limit ideas to one source.

Honestly, I would be happy if my kids turned out like me, not believing in any religion, but getting inspiration from all religions. I think learning about different religions early on, and learning to respect them, would probably lead to this kind of mindset.


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